Looking for a Katy Storage Facility because you need to free up some space at home?

Do you need to store valuable items or documents off site?

Eurmove Katy storage facility has you covered with secure storage space that is fully air-conditioned and accessible 24/7 for your convenience.

With excellent easily accessible locations and individual access at your convenience we are confident that we the premier storage facility Katy

Individual Secure Storage Rooms

At Eurmove Katy, we have an in-depth knowledge of the storage business. We understand what our clients want, and we have designed our storage facilities by utilizing that knowledge.

Every customer gets their own individual rooms which are available in varying sizes. These rooms are accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week. Security is our top priority, and all our storage facilities are fitted with top of the range security systems. These enable clients to visit their own storage room whenever they need to but be totally confident that nobody else can gain access to their valuable possessions.

Climate Controlled Buildings

Everyone has differing requirements when it comes to storage, but one thing that applies to everyone is the conditions required to ensure the items do not deteriorate. We have invested In our facilities to make sure that they are all climate controlled, yet another reason why our Katy Storage Facility is the place to store your most valued possessions.


Prime Location in Katy Tx

A lot of storage facilities are in out of the way venues that are quite frankly challenging to visit. While most people don’t need to access their property at a minute’s notice, on the occasions when you do, it is vital that you can get there easily, and gain access 24/7. Our location has excellent traffic links, is well lit, and has the added benefit of CCTV coverage and fences around the property.

Competitive Rates That Are Flexible Depending On Your Requirements

We offer competitive pricing rates that are variable dependent on certain factors. We offer storage for short and long term, and our customer service team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and offer their advice and recommendations.

Storage Cartons And Boxes Can Be Provided

We understand that not everyone will have the appropriate materials to wrap up and protect their possessions, and so we can provide cardboard boxes, wrapping, and packing materials.

We are determined to provide a full and professional service to all of our clients, and will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete and utter satisfaction with our services.

Market Leading Customer Service Team

When choosing the best Katy Storage, there are many questions and variables to be considered. We often find that many of our clients are unsure of their options which is why we ensure that we have the best customer service team in the industry.

Our team will spend time with each new client and discuss and research your individual requirements. Once all of the information is available, we will then give you our best recommendations before moving forward.

Commercial Storage Facilities

We can also cater for business storage needs, whether you need long term storage, or short term during an office move or renovation. In fact, as we also operate a removals service, we can even arrange for collection from your business premises, whatever is easier for you.


Many commercial companies use our facilities to store their excess documents that they are required to keep for legal purposes, but which inevitably take up a great deal of valuable commercial space.

By making use of our facilities, you can rest assured that your documents are safely and securely stored, easily accessible when required, but not cluttering up your main business premises. A simple cost effective solution in your local Katy Storage Facility.

Our storage units also provide the perfect solution for storing excess stock, in preparation for a sale or promotion. There are so many benefits to a business of extra storage space, and a quick discussion with our customer service team may even give you some additional ideas that you have not even previously considered.

Student Storage During Holiday Periods

Students regularly attend colleges in different areas of the country. When vacation time arrives, it can be quite a chore to transport all of their belongings across the country only to repeat the trip in reverse a few weeks later. This is yet another perfect example of where using our Katy storage could bring huge benefits. It might even be beneficial for a group of students to store all of their property together in the one unit.


At Eurmove Katy we have covered all the bases. You are always welcome to visit the premises and see for yourself our state of the art secure facilities, access systems, and climate controlled buildings. Once you have seen our storage facilities, we have every confidence that you will agree that our Katy Storage Facility will meet all of your needs and requirements.